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We are a leading manufacture of superior quality Electro coated abrasive products. We provide a complete range of abrasive products in the from of flap wheels, sheet goods, scotch products, etc. Our advanced computer grading system is one of its kinds in the industry. All processing cloth and paper are of international standards, providing excellent output.
Wheels »
Lamellar Wheels  
Flap Wheels
Taper, Cup & Sector
Mop Wheels
Belts »
R/R or R/C Belts  
R/G/R Belts  
Silicon Belts  
Emery Rolls »
Emery Rolls R/R  
Emery Rolls R/G  
Emery Rolls S/C  
Emery Rolls Flint  
Sheets »
Silicon Carbide Paper
Aluminum Oxide Paper
Emery Cloth/Paper
Flint Paper/Cloth
Discs »
Fiber Disc
Silicon Carbide Disc
Abrasive Velcro Discs/Abrasive PSA Disc
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